Walking Tour

This walking tour will lead you on an educational immersion as you explore and experience three of Hanover’s breweries. Join our experienced Beer Guides as they show you through exclusive facility tours, provide historical and anecdotal insights, guide you in sampling up to twelve different beers, meet some of the brewers and receive a beer token for a complimentary pour on a return visit.

Whether you’re a beer enthusiast, a novice, or someone who wants to learn more about the Hanover craft beer scene, the Hanover Ale Trail is for you.

Pennsylvania Brewery Walking Tours
Enjoy an immersive educational walk in Hanover.
Explore three of Hanover's breweries.
Pennsylvania Brewery Tours
Sample twelve different beers, meet the brewers, and get an exclusive tour of the breweries.
Per Person
Walk York and enjoy three Hanover Craft Breweries
Visit 3 rotating Independent Craft Breweries
Learn from an Experienced Beer Guide
Sample Flights at Each Brewery
Get Exclusive Behind-the-Scenes Access
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Tour FAQs

How much do our tours cost?

The Brew Bus Tour is $89; the Walking Tour is $69; we also offer Virtual Tours starting at $75 and Charter Tours.

What is a beer guide?

A Beer Guide is the rare combination of witty, charming charisma, coupled with an extensive knowledge of beer and all its goodness, not to mention a whole lotta stuff about the area. In other words, you’ll love our Beer Guides.

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