York City 6 – Volume 1

On December 21, 2018 I had the pleasure of enjoying the York City Six limited release – Volume 1: Pilsner and supporting the community at the same time. What a perfect combination, right?

This pilsner was crisp and easy to drink with delightful floral notes. I’ll admit that I had a second just to make certain.

The release marks the first collaboration from the six breweries located in the City of York: Mudhook, Liquid Hero, Crystal Ball, Collusion Tap Works, Gift Horse, and Old Forge. Although these breweries are all located within an approximate 1 square mile radius, they are not in competition with each other.

According to a York City Six representative, “We all are doing similar things and people ask us if we’re competition but we aren’t and we wanted to show that we work together and that we wanted to achieve bigger things for the city.”

The pilsner is exclusively sold at each of the six breweries and is only available in draft. The release is very limited in quantity, only one barrel per taproom. So get it now! One dollar from all sales will benefit the York City Police Department.

If you missed Volume One, don’t fret. I’m excited to report that ideas for volume two are already in the works. Each new version in the Volume series will be brewed in a new location, giving the brewers a chance to work on a different system with their team of experienced professionals. Volume One was brewed at the Liquid Hero facility.

You can experience, explore and enjoy these breweries, and others on the York County Ale Trail. So, book your tours today!